I was a District Councillor on Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council Chair of the Licensing Regulatory Board and Vice Chair of the Public Protection Scrutiny Commission.

I act as a consultant in many food related subjects and can provide opinion on meat and meat product identification and food safety issues.

My particular interests are representations for Ex servicemen on behalf of the Brierley Branch of the Royal British Legion. We have been unable to establish an Army Cadet Force in Brierley because  have been unable to attract sufficient supervisors Can You help?

Brierley as a village is an ancient hamlet with many historical artifacts. It is a community which is quickly developing. Much of the village is in a conservation area and therefore protected from intrusive development.

We want more decision making back down to local level and to be able to spend the money raised through taxation in our area where that money is collected.

Why do some people want to destroy the old values? They seemed to serve us well in the past. Much more than the modern socially acceptable issues seem to do now.

The Brierley Grimethorpe and Shafton communities are colliery villages in a process of economic and environmental improvements and development with a great deal of opportunity, fine countryside and visual enhancement. These are areas where it is going to be good to live, work and relocate your business. Interested contact ” The Grimethorpe Regeneration Executive,” at the Acorn Centre, High Street, Grimethorpe.

Grimethorpe U K Coal Colliery Band is a World renowned Brass Band made famous by the film “Brassed Off.” They have just completed a highly successful tour of Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Japan. They performed a highly acclaimed gala concert at the world famous Sidney Opera House. Would you like to know more about engaging them for your function or to obtain CDs, Tapes or their music contact me on my Email address info@alexvodden.com

Visit the “Three Horse Shoes” village pub and restaurant in Brierley. The company’s good the food is excellent and the beer superb. All within very pleasant surroundings. Or even the “Brierley Social Club” in Church St Brierley. You have to be a member but it is well worth the effort. Why not spend the evening at our famous “Nite Owl,” Common Rd., Brierley, the really in- place for your specialist function.